Do this and Not That: Travel Credit Card Edition

Travel credit cards are becoming the stable to everyone’s wallet’s. Whether its a premium credit card( card with high annual fees) or a fee-free credit card, here are some of the Dos and Don’ts of travel credit cards.

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Don’t Waste Your Perks, Do Use TSA Pre/Global Entry Fee Reimbursement

A variety of cards with annual feels include TSA Pre or Global Entry Fee reimbursement once every 4 years( your membership is good for 5 years). Both are great for streamlining through security within the US, and Global Entry makes it quick and easy to return from a trip abroad.

Do Figure Out which Cards have Foreign Transaction Fees

Some travel credit cards have foreign transaction fees attached. To avoid getting hit with burdensome and unnecessary fees, find out which cards do not carry those fees. Getting a better understanding of how your credit cards work can help you save money in the long run.

I paid 0 Foreign Transaction Fees in London

For American Express Platinum Holders, Don’t Forget Take Advantage of Credits

The American Express Platinum card is less of a travel card but more an everyday card with a plethora of credits. To ensure that you get the most value, take advantage of credits such as the $200 airfare credit, $15 monthly Uber credits ($35 in Decembers), $50 semi-annual Saks Fifth Credit, Complimentary Walmart Plus Credit, and $20 Monthly streaming credit. Make sure to find a way to take advantage of the majority of these credits as they should be fairly easy to use.

Don’t Forget to meet the signup bonus(Most Important)

What good is signing up for a credit card with a hefty sign up bonus, only to miss the spending requirement and forfeiting the crown jewel? Newcomers to the credit card realm are often at risk of failing to meet the spending requirements for the signup bonus. Always have a go to plan for how you can meet the spend requirements before the 3 or 6 month period is up. If you don’t have a sound plan, try to avoid racking up large spending requirements until you master a spending strategy.

Side Note: Don’t just go out and spend wildly to meet a spending requirement. Points are meant to help you travel better and save money in the long run. Spending tons of money to earn these points seems rather pointless.

Do Sign Up for Priority Pass(Premium Credit Cards)

Premium credit cards come with Priority Pass. Sign up for priority pass as soon as you get your card, even though you may or may not be planning to utilize this benefit on your next trip. The card comes via mail and it’s always great to have the card in handy just in case you arrive to the airport early. While not all airports have lounges with Priority Pass access, you will typically be able to find at least one Priority Pass Lounge in each major airport.

Do Sign Up for Credit Card Offers (Chase Offers, Citi Offers, Amex Offers)

While this used to be more of an American Express offering, more and more credit card brands are rolling out their own offers program. These programs allow you to add an offer to your credit card giving you statement credits or additional points earning. Amex offers tend to come from more upscale stores, but just because you added an offer to your card, don’t feel pressed to spend at these stores.

Final Thoughts

While these are just a few quick tips to set you on the right track, keep in that travel cards can be your best friend if used properly. Accrue a balance and you’ll be paying ludicrous interest rates. Happy earning friends!

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