Chase No Fee Business Cards: An Excellent Opportunity!

Chase has an impressive lineup of credit cards earning a plethora of different points and miles. While Chase has partnerships with Amazon, United Airlines, and Hyatt, it’s their own program Chase Ultimate Rewards that provides some of the best value in the “game”. Chase UR points are an amazing yet flexible currency that can be transferred to various programs, redeem via Chase Travel Portal, or even redeemed as Cash.

Chase’s Has an Amazing Portfolio of Business Cards

Chase Business Cards

Chase currently has 2 no fee business cards. This means you can earn a nice sign up bonus without worrying about the annual fee. Plus this card will not count against your 5/24 status. Both the Chase Business Ink and Business Ink Unlimited are offering a sing up bonus of 75,000 reward points after spending $7,500 dollars in the first three months. For most of us this number is fairly attainable especially for small business owners.

Chase has also begun to send out personalized offers for 50,000 points on $3,000 spend in 3 months and an additional 50,000 points when spending a total of $20k during the first year. I personally prefer the 75k signup bonus and for someone who runs a couple of side hustles, this should be an easy money maker. For those who don’t spend quite as much, I would wait for the 50k points on $3k spend offer.

Why these Bonuses?

Chase has a very strict 5/24 rule meaning if you have opened 5 credit cards in the last 24 months, Chase will automatically deny a new card. There is one caveat, if you are under 5/24, business cards do not show up on this report thus, you can continue to open business credit cards if you are only at 4/24.

Next of all, both bonuses are extremely generous for no fee cards. Both the Chase Business Unlimited and Chase Business Cash offer some nice benefits and rewards such as increased rewards rate and cell phone protection. These benefits, coupled with a very nice bonus make this offer a no brainer.

My Take

If you can meet the spend, I would definitely pick up a chase business card. For your small business, you don’t need an EIN number, you can actually use your social security. In addition, make sure you do have a source of side income to put down as solid revenue numbers would lead to a larger credit limit. I think this is a wonderful way to earn some extra cash or stock up on Chase ultimate rewards points for future travel. Remember, Chase Ultimate Rewards is one of the most valuable currencies out there.

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