About Us


Role: Co-Founder, Chief Photographer, and Director of Social Media

Window or Aisle: Window

About Me: I am the foodie part of Jen and Calvin. I love to travel and explore, but also try different foods. Food is what makes travel enjoyable and entertaining, often bringing people from various backgrounds together. I’m the photogenic part of Jen and Calvin as well and the primary planner for trip activities. Stay tuned for more awesome food reviews.

Bucket List: France, Japan


Role: Co-founder, Chief Editor, Travel Planner, and Part Time Coder

Window or Aisle: Aisle Every Day

About Me: I am the travel part of Jen and Calvin. I’m usually responsible for planning the best trips and getting to amazing destinations. I’m inexplicably terrible at crafting good itineraries so thankfully Jen does a wonderful job and finds the best places to eat. I am also a food lover who loves to cook and food in an important part of traveling.

Bucket List: Iceland, Singapore, Bora Bora