Premium Katsu in Seattle: Kobuta and Ookami

Although I love Japanese cuisine, I’ve never had a katsu experience. Katsu is a Japanese dish typically consisting of a protein that’s covered in bread crumbs, fried, and sliced into clean strips and eaten with a delicious sauce. For our last night in Seattle, Jen, her brother, and I decided to try out Kobuta and Ookami for our first true premium Katsu Experience.

What a cute sign!


The spot is located a short drive from our hotel, The Hyatt Regency Seattle. Although we were out on a Sunday before July 4, parking was easy to find and we parked across the street. The restaurant is a small cute spot and wait times were about 30 minutes.

The Food

I was wowed by the restaurant. While the place is a provides a premium katsu experience, the ambiance was great and the food tasted otherworldly. The delicious flavors of my Katsu dish took to for a full ride. For dinner, I had the Rosu Oroshi Katsu, a leaner loin cutlet with grated radish and a ponzu sauce. Jen had the Nabe katsu which was a loin cutlet with egg in a umami packed broth. Jen’s brother had the Iberico Miso Katsu, a premium pork cutlet with a sweet miso sauce. We also order several pieces of Ebi(shrimp) katsu, and menchi(pork patty katsu). The menchi was a delightful surprises and the frying method trapped the delicious flavors and aroma in the patty.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always wanted to try a premium Katsu experience. While these type of restaurants are more popular in places such as Hawaii, I really enjoyed the meal. The delicious flavors of the sauce create a wonderful umami blend that excites your taste buds. I think the food was also adequately priced as you could get a the set for around 16-17 dollars. If you’re ever thinking about trying out some Katsu in the Seattle Area, I would definitely recommend checking this spot out.

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