WOW! A Review of the Starbucks Reserve Seattle

Starbucks has grown to become a global brand, maybe even the most iconic coffee chain in the world. The coffee chain’s collection of Reserve Roasters, offers a vibrant immersive experience with the caffeinated beverage. Opened in 2014, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Seattle is located in the city’s Capital Hill district, a short distance from their original store at Pike’s Place Market. The first of 6 Reserve Roasters, the Seattle location was an amazing spot to visit.

Jen and I at the main entrance

The Experience

The Starbucks Reserve Seattle is one of a kind, offering a inside glance at the bean roasting, cooling, sorting, and packaging process which are all done with a heavy does of machine automation. In contrast to your typical Starbucks experience, the Reserve offers an immersive experience and various drinks you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Cold Brew tasting flight

During my visit to the Starbucks Reserve, I decided to try the cold brew test which came with 3 different types of cold brew. (Side note, I am deeply in love with cold brew and enjoy the strong flavors and punch of the cold caffeinated beverage. I may be a hint biased in my review. ) The cold brew test included sample sizes of cold brew with the following beans: Peruvian, Columbian, and Whiskey Barrel Aged. The Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee was one of a kind and I enjoyed the drink so much I decided to learn more from the “master roasters” on site. The master roaster thoroughly explained the process in which used whiskey barrels were filled with unroasted coffee beans for several months to absorb that nice flavor. Unroasted beans soak up a lot of their flavor and the combination of whiskey and wood creates an earthy, yet delicious taste in the final product. The unique flavors of this particular cold brew was simply outstanding. Any coffee lover should definitely give this drink a try.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Cold Brew served in a whiskey glass


Coffee at this Starbucks comes at a premium. Be prepared to spend at least $8-$10 for a drink. My cold brew tasting flight cost about $16, which is definitely pretty hefty. In addition, fresh roasted coffee beans are also for sale, but those will also cost a pretty penny.

My Final Thoughts

Man….. I thoroughly enjoyed the fully immersive experience provided by the Starbucks Reserve Roastery Seattle. The open floor layout allowed me to catch a wonderful glance at the coffee roasting process, but everything from the doors to the décor created a classic feel. The experience was simply amazing for a first time visit, and while prices were a bit high, I would love to be back someday! Have you ever been to this Starbucks?

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