Hyatt Globalist: The Crown Jewel of Hotel Elite Status

Hyatt Globalist is my favorite top tier hotel elite status. I think Hyatt Globalist is the most valuable top tier status especially when earned with 60 elite nights. While I also have Hilton Diamond, obtained through credit card spend during last years shorten requirements, I typically prefer to stay at Hyatt properties whenever possible. The Hyatt Brand has a smaller footprint than Hilton or Marriot, but I find their service and loyalty program far ahead of the pack.

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How to Earn

Earning top tier status with any brand is not easy, except for Hilton. Hyatt Globalist can be earned with 60 elite night credits or 100,000 base points in a given year. You earn 5 base points per dollar spent at the hotel so 100,000 base points would be equivalent to spending $20k with Hyatt. For most folks like me, who travel only for leisure, the only option is to get 60 elite nights in a year. Fortunately, with a combination of Hyatt credit card spend and stays the number is much more attainable.

Option 1: World of Hyatt Credit Card Combo $95 Annual Fee

World of Hyatt Credit Card

Having the World of Hyatt Credit card can expedite your journey to Hyatt Globalist. The card offers 5 elite night credits per year, a free night certificate for category 1-4 properties, a second free night 1-4 certificate when spending $15,000 after renewal. Card holders earn 2 elite night credits for every $5k spent with this card. Assuming you spend at least $15k a year, you would at least have 11 elite nights and two free night certificates.

This is where things get fun. with 47 nights needed, you could spend an additional $115k to obtain Hyatt Globalist as you get a third free night certificate once you hit 30 elite nights. You could also use a combination of trips to mix and match and hopefully get near the 60 night mark. I personally personally use a mix of both, but spending(or manufacturing spend) close to $100k per year on a credit card might be out of reach for some people.

Option 2: World of Hyatt Business Credit Card $199

Another option would be to have the Hyatt Business Card in your portfolio to expedite the acumulation of elite night credits. This route is more suitable for business owners or those who can easily tack on a large amount of spend. While this card does not offer free certificates or elite night credits, you earn 5 elite night credits for every $10k spent. As a result $120k spend would get you straight to Hyatt Globalist.

Option 3: Both Hyatt Credit Cards $294 Combined Annual Fee

With almost $300 in annual fees, this method could be a little more costly, but would require the least amount of spend to achieve globalist status. With both credit cards, one could spend 15k on their World of Hyatt card and earn 11 elite nights plus 2 free night certificates. With 47 nights needed, one would then need to only 46 more elite credits as you get another free nigh certificate at 30 elite nights. To earn 45 elite night credits, one would have to spend $90k on the World of Hyatt Business card. With only $105 spent, you would be 1 night away from Hyatt Globalist after redeeming the 3 free night certificates. This method is probably the easiest if you’re willing to swallow the additional annual fee.

Hyatt Globalist Benefits

Hyatt Globalist is one of the most rewarding Top Tier Elite Status available. Assuming the status is earned through 60 elite night credits or 100k base points you would receive the follwing:

  • 6 Suite Night Upgrade Certificates (Guarantees a suite on paid or point redemption nights)
  • 1 Category 1-7 free night certificate (You can get upwards of $800 by using this at top tier properties)
  • 1 Category 1-4 free night certificate
  • 8 Club Certificates(I haven’t really found a way to use these)
  • 4pm Late Checkout
  • Waived Resort fees on all stays
  • Free Parking on Award Stays
  • Complimentary Breakfast($60 per night at unique properties, $10 per night if eating in the hotel club)

Breaking Down the Value of these Benefits and how I Utilized them

It wouldn’t be any fun to talk about the benefits of being a Hyatt Globalist without going into detail on how to take full advantage of the benefit. It’s also right to place a nominal dollar value on these benefits for 2022.

Category 1-7 Free Night Certificate $1600

In 2022 I was able to redeem this certificate at the Alila Napa Valley where rooms were $1600-$1700 during the nights Jen and I stayed. While the property has since been moved to Category 8, there are many luxury properties to get at least $800 in value with this certificate. Some suggestions include my favorite Carmel Valley Ranch, the Thompson Los Cabos, and the Alila Kothaifaru Maldives. This certificate can be extremely valuable for a quick stay.

View from our Balcony at the Alila Napa Valley

Category 1-4 Free Night Certificate $200

I was able to use this certificate in just before the Hyatt award chart changes at the Hyatt Regency Monterey for a quick one night stay where rates were going for about $350 a night. I place this certificate nominally lower than that value as Jen and I would never stay at the property given the cash or points rates. While Hyatt did make a ton of changes, you can still get solid value from your category 1-4 certificates.

6 Suite Upgrades $300-600 per certificate

I personally love the suite upgrade certificates. Getting booked into a large suite not only generates great value, but also makes for an amazing vacation if I plan to bring my parents and dogs along. Most recently I used the certificates for my stay at the Alila Napa Valley to be upgraded from the base room into the Junior Suite which was going for $500 saving me $1000 over two nights. In the past, I have also used the certificate at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach to get upgraded into the “Family Suite” which was just two connecting rooms. This saved me over $1,000 as each certificate can upgrade up to 7 nights. Overall, I value the free night certificates at about $2,500. Often times I am able to get more value than that, but it is also unlikely that I would pay cash for a suite.

A Suite at the Carmel Valley Ranch was good for 4 and our dogs

Complimentary Breakfast: $60-$10+ at top tier properties, $10 at Properties with Clubs

This may be one of the more polarizing takes, but I hate having breakfast a Hyatt Club. Complimentary Breakfast is often served at the clubs at Grand Hyatts or Hyatt Regencies. The food is served buffet style and rather unspectacular. Since I would never pay for the breakfast at the clubs, I give their breakfast a meager $10 per night valuation.

On the other hand, complimentary breakfast at top tier properties is spectacular. This allows Jen and I to try out various items on the menu and is my favorite perk as a Hyatt Globalist. On average, when its just Jen and I, complimentary breakfast allows us to get about $60-$100 worth on deliciousness. For example, on our recent recent visit to the Alila Napa Valley, we were able to have lobster eggs benedict, steak, green juice, and avocado toast which came out to a grand total of $120 plus tip completely free. When traveling with my family, I was able to get complimentary breakfast for a party of 4. Not only does free breakfast at the restaurant rock, it is a great way to start off our day. Jen certainly enjoys sampling some of the menu items.

Since we only travel for leisure, Jen and I try to identify more unique properties that typically do not have a club. In the last year, I have stayed at 5-6 different properties with only 1 having a lounge( Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach). As a result, I value the complimentary breakfast perk at a solid $60 per night, making this benefit worth about $900 per year.

French Toast at the Acacia House

Waived Resort Fees on All Stays

Resort Fees are charged at almost every single property I visit. These fees can range from $25 to $40 per night, but is waived for all Hyatt Globalist members regardless if it’s a paid or award stay. This is a really nice perk and will save me upwards of $500 in 2022.

4PM Late Checkout $50 per Stay

I really love 4pm late checkout. This benefit is really valuable at top tier properties and resorts where you can get almost an extra day of activities before ending your trip. For quick getaways, to mid afternoon flights, late checkout makes our trip stress free! Since most of the properties Jen and I visit tend to be higher category and offer cool amenities such as complimentary yoga or fitness classes, I like to value this perk at about $50 per stay, as I wouldn’t pay more than that. This gives me an annual value of $250 per year(5 Stays x $50 per stay).

Total Value and Recap

As you can see, top tier hotel elite can be extremely value for both leisure and business travelers. For leisure travelers who tend to stay at higher end resorts or properties, the perks will certainly be more valuable. In total, Hyatt Globalist will bring me around $6k plus in value in 2022. While this number might not be the same next year, I still find Hyatt Globalist to be the best top tier hotel statuses available. I look forward to requalifying for Hyatt Globalist this year and with a combination of credit card spend and stays.

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