Mika Sushi – 2022 Review: Utterly Fantastic and Delicious

Eating at Mika Sushi has become one of my traditions when venturing to the Monterey/Carmel. Jen first found this spot during our 4 year anniversary( she’s just simply amazing at finding hidden gems for me to try) and it has been one of my favorite sushi spots ever since. If you’re ever in the Carmel Valley Area, definitely give this place a try!


Carmel by the Sea is right on the coast South of Monterey. Carmel Valley is about 15-20 minutes inland and is dotted with various Wineries and Spas. Here, tucked away with several other eateries is Mika Sushi. This sushi spot has plenty of seating offering both indoor and outdoor seating. They have their own patio and I imagine that outdoor seating is pretty popular during the warmer months. Jen and I were visiting on a cold wet Sunday evening.


Mika Sushi is affordably priced. Jen and I shared a seaweed salad and a sashimi combination 1( they offer 3 different sizes of sashimi combination but #1 is good enough to share). We also ordered 3 rolls: Big Sur Maki, Nippon Maki(Black Rice), and the Santana Roll.

The sashimi combination has always been our go to option as it is the chef’s choice sashimi. Choices vary from time to time and during this visit, we had octopus, Maguro(blue-fin tuna), white fish, salmon, mackerel, Hamachi. The dish also came with 2 pipettes contain lemon juice and another sauce to top the fish. I’ve always enjoyed this additional feature as lemon and sashimi can make for a delicious combo.

The rolls were also very filling and delicious. The Big Sur Maki contained tuna, salmon, snow crab, avocado, and tobiko(flying fish roe) creating an flavor full bite. The Nippon Maki is an interesting roll substituting traditional sushi rice with black rice giving the role a more nutty flavor.

My Final Thoughts

Mika Sushi is a hidden gem in the Carmel Valley Area. Tucked away 15 or so minutes inland from Carmel by the Sea, this sushi spot serves delicious sashimi and rolls. This place has slowly become one of my go to spots whenever I’m in the Carmel/ Monterey Area. If you’re around, definitely give this spot a try!

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