CityPass – An Exciting Way to Explore a City and Save Money

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CityPass is a discounted ticket package or bundle to top tourist attractions in a city. CityPass offers tourist a cheaper way to explore a city and visit top tourist attractions for the fraction of the price. I think this is a great way to explore new cities with young children.

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My First Experience with CityPass

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When I first used CityPass, I was in high school and was visiting the city of Seattle for the first time. I have a younger brother and between us two and my parents we split two CityPass bundles among the 4 of us. Back in 2012, CityPass tickets came in a cute little booklet and tickets were removed upon redemption. Using CityPass, my brother and I visited the Seattle Science Museum which also included a free IMax showing of Henry Cavil’s Man of Steel movie.

In addition, my brother and I also had the opportunity to visit Woodland Park Zoo (one of my favorite Zoos) and the Seattle Aquarium ( I truly love Aquariums). My parents were also able to take advantage of CityPass and visit the Iconic Space Needle! For under $100, we were given access to 5 attractions that would have normally cost us around $200 if not more. The CityPass for Seattle is now $115 for 5 attractions, but I think that could still be a wonderful deal.

How does CityPass Work

CityPass offers discount ticket bundles, but rather than having to visit specific attractions, you have several included options and 2-3 choices to pick from. Tickets are valid within 9 days of the first ticket being used, meaning you must use them in under 10 days. In the past, CityPass was a booklet, but I’m pretty sure they have a mobile wallet option with barcodes or QR coded in 2022.

Which Cities are Offered by CityPass?

While CityPass is only offered in the United States( with the exception of Toronto), there are several options per city offered. Most of the cities on their list are some of the most popular tourist destinations including but not limited to San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Boston, and Orlando.

In some locations like Orlando and Southern California, CityPass offers discounted tickets which may include an extra free day.

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Who Should use CityPass?

CityPass is best for families as it makes it easy to find kid friendly activities(CityPass attractions are perfect for kids). For couples or adults, if the attractions fit your needs, then go full steam ahead. Otherwise, you can do your own research and plan a better itinerary that fits your personal travel style. Even if you opt not to go for a CityPass, the website might still offer single ticket discounts on various attractions.

My Final Thoughts

I think CityPass is awesome for families and groups alike. When venturing and exploring a new city, CityPass makes it easy to visit top tourist attractions such as the Space Needle in Seattle for a fraction of the price. Have you tried using CityPass? How did that experience go? Let me know in the comments section below.

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