JetBlue Announces Intriguing Revision of their Loyalty Program

JetBlue, while not one of the core 3/4 U.S. based airlines has slowly increased their presence in the last few years. While the airline isn’t a member of any of the 3 Airline Alliances, they do have a unique partnership with American Airlines. Here’s the full scoop on JetBlue’s surprising tweaks to their loyalty program!

JetBlue’s Official Announcement Here

JetBlue’s Special Livery Official Photo from JetBlue

JetBlue’s Loyalty Program with Shift Status to be earned with “Tiles”

JetBlue is changing the way it doles out elite status. Instead of earning qualifying points with the airline, you’ll now earn “tiles” based on how much you spend on flights and other services.

How do you earn tiles?

You earn one tile for every $100 in qualifying spending with JetBlue; this doesn’t just include flights, but also vacation packages, rental cars, cruises, and more

You earn one tile for every $1,000 in qualifying spending on a co-branded JetBlue credit card

Note: This doesn’t change how TrueBlue points are earned/awarded. You will still be awarded points at the same rate.

JetBlue TrueBlue Perks – Pick What you Want!

JetBlue has announced a new program that will reward TrueBlue members even before they qualify for Mosaic status.

For the first time ever, members can earn elite-like perks before even qualifying for Mosaic status. TrueBlue members will be able to customize the perks they earn with the Perks You Pick program.

When passing each threshold of 10, 20, 30, or 40 tiles, a member can choose one of the following:

Early boarding (Group B Boarding excludes basic economy fares)

Priority security

Alcoholic drink — one free drink per flight

JetBlue Vacations bonus (earn a 2x points bonus on one JetBlue Vacations package)

5,000 bonus points

Mosaic Status

Current JetBlue Elite Status

JetBlue will be shifting to 4 tiers of Mosaic. Each tier comes with a slew of benefits.

JetBlue is making some big changes to its Mosaic elite program.

Beginning in spring 2023, the airline will offer four tiers of Mosaic status: Mosaic, Mosaic Plus, Mosaic Select and Mosaic Premier. Each level will be called Mosaic, but the perks associated with each tier will vary.

To earn status in 2023 and beyond, you’ll need to earn the following number of Tiles between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of a given year:

Mosaic Level 1: 50 Tiles

Mosaic Level 2: 100 Tiles

Mosaic Level 3: 150 Tiles

Mosaic Level 4: 250 Tiles

Mosaic Perks – Move to Mint?

I’m not a huge airline elite status guy, but the most intriguing perk is the “move to mint” certificate. JetBlue Mint is the airlines swanky business class product depending on the route. The Mint cabin offers lie flat seats with several “throne style” options that include a privacy door creating a suite in the sky.

Upon earning 150 tiles and Mosaic tier 3, you receive 4 move to mint certificates.

Upon hitting 200 tiles and Mosaic tier 4, you receive 2 additional certificates.

These instant upgrade certificates allow you to upgrade your economy ticket to a top notch product.

My Thoughts

Unless you’re a frequent flyer for work and can qualify for top tier status,, Airline elite benefits aren’t really worth it. This on the other hand, changes the way I look at airline elite status. With perks and benefits available beginning at 10 tiles (no elite status), this program looks to rewards fringe customers in hopes of attracting more business. I find these updates rather intriguing, but since I never fly JetBlue, I don’t think this will tug me in that direction. I’m based on the West Coast making it difficult to find JetBlue flights.

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