JFK’s Stunning Terminal 8: Modern Designs and New Lounges

JFK(John F. Kennedy Airport) in New York has been undergoing some drastic renovations of their Terminal 8. I’m always a huge fan of modern design and this terminal looks stunning and snazzy. JFK’s stunning terminal 8 is eloquently designed with a nice modern feel.

Check out the official announcement from American Airlines here.

JFK’s Terminal 8

American Airlines and British Airways will call this terminal home and in the next half a year, many other Oneworld airlines will also move over to Terminal 8. This terminal is going to have a variety of features for both American Airlines and British Airways passengers including a revamped premium experience completed with amazing new lounges.

The Stunning New Check in Area for American Airlines and British Airways. photo courtesy of British Airways

2 Amazing New Lounges for an Elevated Premium Experience

Full Lounge Announcement by American Airlines

In addition to a renovated check in area, American Airlines and British Airways also used part of their $400 million investment to open 2 new lounges: Chelsea and Soho lounges. Both lounges scream bougie, with the Chelsea Lounge offering an amazing champagne bar. Both lounges figure to be pretty packed during peak hours of travel but allow premium class passengers an unparalleled dining experience in the United States. The Chelsea Lounge is going to be extremely exclusive with access given only to customers who purchase Flagship Business Plus or are traveling in Flagship First or Concierge Key members traveling on Flagship.

Chelsea Lounge Champagne Bar photo courtesy of American Airlines
Soho Lounge photo courtesy of American Airlines
Soho Lounge Check in Area photo courtesy of American Airlines

An Impressive Experience for Premium Class Passengers

The revamp and renovations is amazing for premium class passengers. In addition to the mention upgrades, American Airlines is also operating a new streamline security experience for their premium passengers. While this remains to be seen, I can imagine this process will play out similarly to Virgin’s Upper Class Wing experience I had over the Summer.

My Final Thoughts

I think American Airlines and British Airways is doing something really cool and the exceptional new lounges look jaw-dropping. On the other side, for ordinary passengers, the check-in experience will improve, but other gains if any are marginal. It feels like airlines have continued to shift towards catering to premium cabin passengers and the introduction of new lounges, a redesigned premium check-in area, and expedited security all reinforce that notion. I’m genuinely impressed by the photos, but unfortunately I’m based on the West Coast and will not be flying American Flagship out of JFK anytime soon. My next flight out of JFK is on Brussels Airlines so sadly, I’ll miss a great opportunity to review the new terminal. Will you be passing through JFK’s new terminal 8? If so, let me know how it goest.

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