Rakuten Special: Earn 15%/15x American Express Points at 200+ retailers (One Day Only)

Rakuten is offering 15-20% cash back at hundreds of retailers or 15-20x or more in American Membership rewards if you have your account connected(Even Better Deal). This is a fantastic return for Cyber Monday and one of the best deals this holiday season. Be quick as this increased rate should end at midnight.


Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic deal and one the best we’ve seen in the last few months. I’m sure as holiday season rolls around, Rakuten will continue to offer fantastic earnings rates. I think that this is an even better deal for those who have connected their American Express Account with Rakuten.

Some of my favorite stores that have elevated cash back:

  • Nike
  • Adidas (20%)
  • Under Armour(20%)
  • Dell
  • North Face
  • IHG
  • Lenovo

Be quick as this ends at midnight. Happy savings but remember to only buy what you need.

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