Exciting: Virgin Atlantic flying to Maldives in 2023

Maldives is a breathtaking group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The island offer spectacular beaches with pristine waters lush with fish. Virgin Atlantic has announced that the airline will begin flying from London Heathrow Airport(LHR) to Male(MLE).

Full Details

Virgin Atlantic will operate 3 weekly flights from London Heathrow to the Maldives only during the winter season. The airline will be flying their Boeing 787-9 planes, which Jen and I flying next spring on a return flight from London. Virgin’s 787-9 planes have a intriguing configuration in business with a 1-1-1 setup, so it’s interesting to see the airline using these planes for travel to place meant for couples.

Upper Class seats on Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787-9

Final Thoughts

I think this is a pretty exciting development as Virgin Atlantic has an exceptional pre-departure experience for Upper Class passengers flying out on London Heathrow. The airline boasts one of the airport best lounges and a unique check in experience. I think it’s cool to see more options to the Maldives return especially as we get farther away from the pandemic. Will you be flying Virgin Atlantic to the Maldives?

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