Last Chance: Chase Sapphire Reserve 80,000 Signup Bonus (Ends 11/30/2022)

Chase’s luxury credit card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve is currently offering an elevated signup bonus of 80,000 points after $4,000 of spend in the first three months. This card carries a hefty annual fee of $550 but also comes with a slew of benefits. One of these is a $300 annual travel credit which effectively lowers the annual fee to $250 per year.

Who Can get the Chase Sapphire Reserve Signup Bonus

Anyone who hasn’t received a signup bonus from either Chase Sapphire products in the last 48 months is eligible for this offer. This is 48 months from earning the signup bonus, not approval date. You are also not able to have multiple Chase Sapphire cards, meaning when you apply, you cannot be currently holding a Chase Sapphire Card.

Should you get this card?

If you haven’t earned a signup bonus on a Chase Sapphire card in the last 51 months (just to be safe) then this would definitely be a solid deal. Chase Points are some of the most valuable points in the travel game. Another factor to also consider if whether you can meet the minimum spend requirement. Even if you don’t manufacture spend, the holidays are right around the corner leaving a solid number of expenses in the next few months. Be sure you can meet the $4,000 spend requirement before applying for this card as nothing is worse than missing out on a large bonus.

80,000 Chase Points can get you up to 6 nights at the Thompson Chicago during off-peak times

Final Thoughts

If you missed out on one of the best Chase Sapphire offers last in the 100,000 signup bonus for the Sapphire Preferred, this is a great consolation prize. Although the Chase Sapphire Reserve carries a a hefty annual fee, the $300 annual travel credit lowers the cost to a manageable $250. If you can easily meet the minimum spend, this card would be a great option especially with holiday season around the corner!

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