Museums After Dark: Alcohol, Exhibits, and Cheaper Admissions. What’s not to love?

The Academy of Science offers a great Nightlife Experience

Museums after dark are an interesting concept for several San Francisco museums. Several popular museums, most notably both the California Academy of Science and the Exploratorium, opens to the public one weekday evening per week known as the After Dark Experience. During this time, the museums are tailored towards adults, alcohol can be purchased in certain areas, and there is little to no children. This unique “adult-ish” museum experience is only available for 3/4 hours once per week, but is also significantly cheaper than normal tickets due to the shorter hours.

What’s Great about After Dark Events?

After Dark is wonderful because you get the full museum experience for a fraction of the price. After Dark admission prices are roughly 35-40% cheaper than normal rates. As an added bonus, there is also little to no children. This adult atmosphere is calm and relaxing, especially after a hectic day at work. Did I forget to mention most Nightlife/After Dark events also serve alcohol?

The Exploratorium after dark event is kid free!

How to Find After Dark or Nightlife Events?

Both the San Francisco Exploratorium and the California Academy of Science (located in San Francisco’s Golden Park) offer an evening experience. For full details, be sure to check out local museums to see if there are also offering a similar event. Most After Dark events happen only once a week, sometimes only once a month, so be sure to research in advance. If you’re planning an evening visit, do not expect to purchase tickets at the door. Due to the limited hours, most evening events have capacity limits and tickets should be purchased online to guarantee your spot!

My Thoughts

I love after dark events because it can be a more affordable way to visit a museum and also wind down after long day. While the lack of kids is intriguing, drunk adults can also be unruly so the noise level is roughly the same. Over the years, I have gone to both the Academy of Science Nightlife and the Exploratorium After Dark with Jen. Both experiences were a lot of fun and of course we topped off the night with some delicious eats. I think After Dark evens are a great option worth considering even if you’re a local!

Have you ever been to a Nightlife or After Dark museum event? Let me know your thoughts.

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