5 Must Have Tools for the Adventurous Traveler

Everyone loves to travel. Sometimes the hardest part of trip planning is the packing process. Here are 5 tools every traveler should have for their next trip. These tools are always in our travel bag.

5. Passport and Documents Holders

Storing your passport, other travel documents, foreign currency you exchanged ahead of time, and spare cards such as Priority Pass, helps me stay organized.

4: Slippers, Sandals, or Good Flip Flops

Although hotel rooms are cleaned before you arrive, you never know how thorough the process was. It’s always a great idea to have a pari of slippers, sandals, or good flip flops on hand. If you’re traveling to a larger hotel, it would also be great for going to the pool. I always bring a paid of Adidas Cloud foam Slides when I travel.

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3: Comfy Sneakers

Unless you plan on lounging by the pool in a tropical resort, chances are you’ll want to venture around town, take a scenic stroll, or go on a challenging hike. Regardless, it is imperative to always pack one pair of comfy sneakers just in case.

Calvin’s top picks:

Adidas Ultraboost

One of my favorite every sneakers, adidas ultraboost provide maximum comfort with the boost foam. Try opting for the knit upper for a sock like feel. Amazon currently has a few variations at a 50% or more discount.

2: Power Bank and Extra Charging Cables

It never hurts to be prepared! Having an emergency powerbank for your phone can come in handy, especially if you’re out adventuring in a new city.

Calvin Top Picks

Anker Slim Portable Charge

1: Packing Cubes (Jen loves these)

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your clothes, but I feel that using these cubes also enable me to squeeze more in my bag. Whether it’s an extra shirt, shorts, or more, packing cubes are a solid way to stay organize and unpack once your arrive to your destination.

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