How to Make the Most out of Your Next Trip

Traveling is such a roller coaster ride. It’s exciting and interesting; every day, it’s a new adventure. Unlike a normal life back at home where the day to day is filled with monotony, traveling comes with its fair share of exhilarating highs and disappointing lows. Time flies by and in a blink of an eye, you’re back to the monotony of hammering away on your keyboard, eye’s glued to work. To effectively optimize and maximize your travel, here are 3 Ways to make the most out of your next trip!

Calvin at the British Museum in London (I did not ask a stranger to take my photo. This photo was taken by my niece)

3: Start the Day Early

Getting up early has always carried a positive connotation, but nothing beats waking up to the sun just peaking out from the horizon. Starting the day early allows you to beat the heat in warmer areas and gives you the opportunity to go on hikes topped off with breath taking views.

I personally love mornings and seeing a city wake. There’s something serene about observing the morning rush in a new urban area such as London or New York. Something about the way everyone optimizes their time and commute screams elegance to me.

body of water during golden hour
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2. Don’t have a jam packed schedule and set aside time to relax

When traveling abroad, on of the most common mistakes made is that the traveler wants to see everything and do everything leading him or her to jam pack their schedule. During such occasions, a relaxing trip can turn into a stress conundrum as you may rush each activity without fully enjoying your time. Rather than trying to jam pack every minute of your trip with constant activities, allow for flexibility and room to alter plans as needed.

Another way to avoid feeling overwhelmed on a trip is to plan free activities that are both scenic and slower paces. Activities such as hiking, swimming, visiting beaches are all lower stress and for the most part don’t need reservations. Finding some activities that bring you closer to nature keeps you feeling refreshed, especially if you’ve been stuck in a metal tube(airplane) for over 15 hours

Calvin’s Suggestion

Space out your activities so you’re not feeling overwhelmed. If you’re planning a day where you’ll be walking a lot, try to plan a chill day so that you feel rested. If you’re looking for activities, try to find activities that have flexible start times like museums, castles, shopping, etc.

1:Try Local Food and Explore your Palette

One of the most maddening things is going to a unique destination only to eat the same foods you would normally eat. Yes it’s alright if you a burger or two one your trip, but avoid falling for the tourist trap and go try some delicious local cuisine!

The Smoked Salmon Dip at Glacier Brewhouse in Alaska is one of my all time favorites

How to find local spots?

Avoid using Yelp abroad. While Yelp is extremely popular in the United States and extremely useful in finding great places to eat, the company has yet to grab a large audience abroad. Often times your Yelp search leaves you with a handful of options, all with only a small number of reviews. The best solution? Get to know locals and converse with them. Locals have a good sense at some of the most popular spots in the city. For example, during my trip to Alaska I had several places bookmarked. When speaking with the front desk at the Hyatt Place Anchorage, they confirmed that both of my choices Snow City Cafe and Glacier Brewhouse were among the top spots in the city.

In addition, you can also browse social media and get recommendations from YouTube. You never know what hidden gem or delicious eat you may find when browsing the wide depths of social media.

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