More Cash in Your Pocket: 4 Tools to Save Money!

Everyone loves having more cash in their pocket, Here are 5 of my favorite tools for adding cash back into my pocket without cutting back on purchases!

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1) Cashback Monitor

Cashback Monitor is a wonderful website that tracks the earning rates of most online shopping portals for most major stores. The site is easy to use, tracks historical earning rates, and helps shoppers maximize their earning rates adding. more cash back into their pockets.

2) Rakuten and Other Shopping Portals

Shopping portals are the core of shopping rewards! You could earn upwards of 15% during flash deals with name brand stores such Adidas, Nike, Kate Spade, and more. I personally earned 10% cash back on Kate Spade and Nike in July saving me over $50.

My favorite shopping portal in Rakuten, I also use the following:

  • AAdvantage Shopping(American Airlines)
  • Topcashback
  • Mileageplus Shopping(United Airlines)

3) Raise and Slide for Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted gift cards are a great way to tack on additional savings. If you know you’ll be frequently purchasing from a merchant, this is a great. Otherwise, keep in mind that gift cards cannot be refunded for cash and you’ll be locked into the amount spent. Raise offers small discounts of a variety of gift cards, while Slide offers a flat 4% on select merchants. (Read my guide to saving money with Slide here). The ability to double stack offers is a spectacular way to pile up the savings.

4) Amex, Chase, and Citi Merchant Offers

Credit card issuers have gotten smart and now offer targeted rewards. To activate these offers, simply go into your credit card app or portal and add them to your card. You must add the offer before making the purchase, so I tend to add any store all targeted offers for stores that I may potentially shop at. Such offers could save you anywhere from 3-20%. Amex (American Express) has the best offers with some lucrative offers for hotel brands, Dell, Walmart, and much more. This is another great way to double stack.

Final Thoughts

Saving money is just one of the things we love at Strictly Travel. Whether it’s getting free flights, award nights, or even just adding a few more dollars back to your pocket, we are all about that “life”. Do you have any cool ways to save money? Share some of your tools in the comments section to be featured.

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