Slide: Great App for Earning Additional Cash Back

Official Image from Raise

Here at Strictly Travel, I’m all about travel, but I also love helping other deal stack and save money. Slide is an app created by Raise(My Referral link for $5 off your first order) that allows users to purchase gift cards for 4% cash back. If you deposit cash ahead of time, you can earn an additional 1% cash back, giving you 5% cash back.

Why Should you Use Slide?

If you plan on shopping or buying a product, why not try to stack on additional rewards. If you combine Slide with a shopping portal such as Rakuten, you could earn upwards of 20% in cash back. Slide can also be stacked with online shopping portals as long as there are no restrictions on rewards for using gift cards on purchases. In addition, Slide also allows you to earn cash back on in store purchases! Saving 5% could add up to a heft sum over the course of a year or two.

For a limited time you can use my referral link and earn an additional $5 off your first 4 purchases.


While Slide is a great application, Rakuten also has a gift card portal that offers cash back on gift cards. When considering where to buy discounted gift cards, be sure to compare the best rates. Rakuten occasionally offers some very rewarding deals that I’ve used such as 12% cash back on Finishline gift cards.

Slide also has minimum amount requirements to withdraw earnings. I believe you need to have at least $15 before being able to withdraw. This isn’t a big deal since more people will be able to easily earn $15 on a 5% earnings rate.

Bottom Line

Taking a little bit of time to purchase gift cards to save money is a fantastic way to stack on the savings. Whether it’s in store or online, I’m always on the lookout for ways to double or triple stack offers. It never hurts to spend a few minutes to add cash back into your pocket!

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