Simply Spectacular: Review of The British Museum

Traveling to London and the UK was amazing and I had a wonderful time. London offers a plethora of museums, many of which are free making them more accessible than ever. On one of the days, I decided to visit the British Museum, a museum dedicated to human history with a vast collection of art, ancient artifacts and much more.


The British Museum is located next to Russel Square in the Bloomsbury area of London. The museum in unmissable and just a quick walk from the Russell Square train station. The area is also filled with food options so its best to visit the museum in morning then grab a bite at one of the many restaurants near by.


The museum has many works from various cultures and civilization ranging from ancient Asia, to the Greek City States, to even the Mesopotamian civilizations, the museum was an education and visual delight. Some of my favorite exhibits and artifacts were:

The Egyptian Room

With Great Britain taking control of vast parts of present Egypt, there was a bountiful collection of artifacts including a piece of the famed Rosetta Stone on display. In addition, there were many sculptures and small statues of Egyptian mythological figures.

The Japanese Room

The Japanese section was also pretty neat with artifacts from various time periods.

The Rosetta Stone

A Piece of the Rosetta Stone. How cool is that?

How to Maximize Your Trip?

Start early and wear comfy shoes. I think there’s no right or wrong way to fully enjoy the museum, but I do recommend wearing comfy shoes as you will be walking or standing for the duration of your visit. The museum may not appear cavernous, but it did take me several hours to enjoy. The museum also opens at 10am so my advice is try to get to the city early and enjoy a stroll through Russell Square before visiting the museum.

Have you been to this museum? Let me know how your adventure went!

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