June Loyalty Points Update!

As we head into the middle of June, I wanted to give a fun update on my current journey to earning Top Tier American Airlines status through spend. I am currently a bit over 70,000 loyalty points with another 4-5k pending giving just enough to earn American Platinum Status. Originally, I intended to see how far up the ladder I could clime with no flying, but sadly I took one flight on Alaska Airlines last month which was credited to American Airlines. For this round trip ticket, I earned only about 3500 loyalty points.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Total Loyalty Points: 71,810

Points earned from AA Shopping Portal: 52,590(4-5k pending)

Points earned from Simply Miles: 1,200(1,695 pending)

Points earned from Flying: 3,533

As you can see, I’m on the cusp of hitting American Platinum status. Once my pending miles post, I should be at around almost 80,000 miles! Just getting to American Platinum will be a cool experience and based on the promising results thus far, I hope I can reach Executive Platinum by the end of the year. Earning such high status a second time around will be a lot tougher, but I do hope to enjoy as many benefits as I can next year.

Final Thoughts

With over 6 months to go in the year, it is refreshing to see myself this closed to Platinum. While I did break the goal of taking 0 flights, I will only have a handful of short Alaska Airlines flights that will count towards American Elite status this year. Most of the remaining loyalty points earned will continue to come from credit card spend, shopping portals, and simply miles. How close are you to top tier status? Let me know in the comments below!

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