Deal Alert: Amex Offers for Qantas and Air France/KLM

Amex offers are an amazing perk that really helps me save money. In the last two years alone, I was able to take advantage of several great offers and saved almost $1,000 (almost as much as the annual fee). In the last several weeks, two great Amex offers popped up. A $200 back when spending $1000 or more with Air France of KLM and $200 back when spending $1500 with Australian carrier Qantas. If you were planning to travel anytime in the next 6-8 months on paid fares, this would be a great deal to take advantage of as the Air France and KLM Amex Offer would be 20% if maximized. Most people will get somewhere less than 20% if utilized.

Both of these offers are great if you have upcoming travel planned that has yet to be booked. For most people, spending $1,500 with Qantas or $1,000 with Air France could be quite a reach so couples or groups should have a much easier time utilizing this credit. Amex Offers like these is what continues to make American Express one of the most valuable programs in addition to offering a solid collection of lounges.

Will you be using these deals? Let me know!

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