A Taste of Luxury: The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Hilton is an Amazing brand with a large collection of luxury hotels. Their top tier brands include Waldorf Astoria and the Conrad. Jen and I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Waldorf Astoria Beverly for a couple days during our recent trip to Southern California. This gorgeous property is situated just blocks away from the famous Rodeo drive.

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For the last couple of years, I have had the Hilton Business Credit card that offers a free night certificate for $15,000 spend and a second with $60,000 spend annually. Due to the covid situation, I had a couple of certificates sitting from 2019 and 2 early 2020 that were about to expire this year. These certificates are extremely valuable simply because they can be used to book almost any Hilton property in the world(there is a small list of exclusions). The one drawback is that the certificates can only be redeemed for standard award nights so high end hotels tend to have little to no availability.

Fortunately enough, back in May when Jen and I were planning this trip, there were plenty of weekdays and Sunday nights available so that’s what we went with. We booked two days using two of my certificates and were given the Deluxe Two Queen Room with a Terrace and view. Such rooms at this property typically go for upwards of $1,000 making this an awesome use of the certificates.

Rates at this Property can be Pricey

Property and Room

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills was a gorgeous property with 170 rooms and topped off with a rooftop pool and restaurant. The moment we stepped onto the property, Jen and I were already at awe in elegant design of the lobby.

Doubles Queens were the only standard rewards available

Our room was extremely luxurious even for a normal Deluxe Two Queen as we were fitted with a separate bathtub and shower in a large bathroom. The shower was stocked with the Waldorf’s standard showering set from Salvatore Ferragamo and only added to the luxurious feel. Our room also had a Nespresso Machine that came with 9 capsules and were refilled daily. In addition, our room also came with an IPAD that provided most of the information we needed along with the ability to order room service. Finally, our room also came with an Amazon Echo and Alexa was able to manage all the lights, curtains, and more during our stay. The premium feel of all the products in our room and the exquisite décor really impressed both Jen and I.


As a Hilton Gold member(complimentary with the American Express Platinum card), I received a daily food and beverage credit of $50 rather than complimentary breakfast. This change was recently made by Hilton and while some were unhappy about this change, I actually preferred the credit as opposed complimentary continental breakfast. I felt that getting a $50 credit per day at a high end property allowed us to try several items on the breakfast menu at the Rooftop by JG. We went to the Rooftop for breakfast both times and while food items were overpriced, the food was solid and we were able to eat a nice breakfast while enjoy the scenic view of Beverly Hills.

French Toast Breakfast on the Rooftop Restaurant


With premium luxury hotels, I expected top notch service and during this stay service was excellent. Upon arriving, the staff opened the doors and walked me to the check in area. After check in, the staff also walked me up to my room. As with most luxury hotels, the staff offered to bring my bags to the room. Having only booked two nights, Jen and I decided to carry our own bags up.

Overall Experience

While my visit was amazing and the property was downright gorgeous, the hotel was a bit small and lacked some of the amenities of larger top of the line luxury hotels. The rooftop pool presented great views but was otherwise rather small. Overall, while I have a great experience I don’t see myself returning to this property in the near future unless I have more free night certificates to burn. The location and service was wonderful, but with normal rates hovering upwards of $900 a night, I don’t see a scenario where I could justify paying cash for such a property.

Enjoying the sunrise views

Have you visited the Waldorf Beverly Hills? If so leave some of your thoughts in the comment section. It would be great to hear about your experience.

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