Easy Bank Bonuses with Sofi

Sofi is a major fintech company that focuses on personal finance. While the company offers competitive loan rates(personal and student), stock investing, and a competitive savings rate that is beats most major banks, Sofi’s best thing is the lack of fees. The company prides itself on being completely transparent with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Why I like Sofi?

Sofi is transparent and doesn’t charge fees. In addition, the company has periodic perks to incentivize switching to their platform or investing with the company. Over a long period of time, these bonuses can slowly add up. A couple of current bonuses/promotions on Sofi include:

  • $75 for scheduling direct deposit and depositing $500 via direct deposit
  • 1% match for automating stock investing up to $1,000

Both of these current promotions can bring in a pretty penny. The return on time( takes no time at all) and investment makes Sofi one of my favorite platforms. A $75 return on $500 is 15% and can be an easy money maker. On the other hand, the 1% bonus is a nice addition for anyone who plans to automate their investing.

Current Sign Up Bonuses Available

Sofi always has nice bonuses available and while the bonuses are nothing extraordinary, they are much easier to earn than Chase or other traditional bank bonuses which require you to deposit and keep a certain amount(typically upwards of $15,000) for several months. In addition any bank account of investing account with Sofi is fee free. Typical sign up bonuses with traditional banks have an asterisk with several conditions in order to be fee-free. Sofi eliminates this hassle by being fee-free no questions, no ifs, no buts. Here are several nice bonuses/ money makers currently offered by Sofi:

Both of these offers are via my referral link, but if you do plan on hitting these offers with a partner or friend, remember to use your own referral link so both of you can earn a nice bonus. Although bank account bonuses will not make you rich, it is a nice way to generate supplemental or passive income which can be used to invest in a dividend portfolio to generate more passive income. By creating this wheel, you can put your financial future on the right track!

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