Dividend Investing: 3 Stocks Still at a Rare Discount

Long term dividend growth investing is becoming a increasingly popular. As the market hit rock bottom during the onset of covid, a potential once in a lifetime buying opportunity was presented. Over the course of the last several months, I have added Coca-Cola(KO), Delta Airlines(DAL), Verizon(VZ), BP Inc(BP), Bank of America(BAC) and more to my long term holdings. While the tech sectors has sky rocketed, the financial and travel sector still offers significant discounts. Here are 3 stocks that pay a could pay a nice dividend in the post covid era.

Delta Airlines

Picture from Delta Airlines

My favorite of the “Big 3” Airlines that includes American and United, Delta Airlines’ current stock price is sitting just below $29 a share. With a 52 week high of $62.48, I can see this stock rising once a covid vaccine is released. In addition, prior to the pandemic, Delta Airlines’ stock has a dividend yield of around 2.6%. A respectable but unspectacular number. Delta Airlines has plenty of room to recover in the next year.

Wells Fargo (WFC)

Picture by ACFCS.org

Wells Fargo has certainly lagged behind other banks in stock price performance. With a current price of $23.64, Wells Fargo sits just above its 52 week low. The bank recently slashed dividends due to covid-19. In comparison, Citibank(C) has seen its stock price climb over 50% from its 52 week low. Bank of America has also recovered well sitting 50% higher than its 52 week low. While both banks have yet to slash dividends, I think this could be an amazing opportunity to add Wells Fargo to your portfolio.

Citibank (C)

Picture by CNN

Similar to Wells Fargo, Citibank has lagged in the covid recovery. The stock currently sits under $50 and offers a 4.06% dividend yield. Citibank offer an intruding opportunity due to their extensive credit card portfolio that sits just behind Chase and American Express. The bank also has an exclusive credit card partnership with American Airlines and should see a very nice recovery over the next two years.

Overall, these 3 stocks offer an intriguing investing opportunity for a post-covid recovery. While you should always diversify your investments, dividend stocks offer stable passive income.

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