Introducing Simple Money: Finance Simplified

In addition to writing about food, travel, and the points and miles game, I have decided to launch a personal finance section to help others better understand finance. The world of finance can be extremely daunting and I want to help readers get started with improving their financial situation. I am by no means a financial advisor, but I do hope my experience and knowledge can help others understand the game.

My Focus

The Simple Money: Finance Simplified is my attempt to help others get started with understanding their own finance and learning how to save, invest, and grow their money. In this section of Strictly Travel, I will focus on:

  • Getting started with the Stock Market
  • Dividend Growth Investing
  • How to develop a long term trading strategy
  • Understanding Risk
  • Financial Literacy (401k, IRA, Roth IRA)

In addition, I will also discuss a variety of other topics, but the majority of my work will focus on building long term sustainable growth and income.

Why Finance?

The financial world is very convoluted. There are many so called “stock gurus” trying to sell you a course, or talking about how to turn $5000 into 2 million in a couple of years. There are also others who provide extremely valuable knowledge. I’m here because I enjoy finance, but I also want to help others around me to gain a better understanding of their own financial situation and how they can invest for the future.

Apps to Use?

Here is a list of investing and saving applications I use. In addition to learning how to grow your money, some of the apps I use also help you save your hard earned cash.

  • Robinhood – Stock Trading App with 0 fees
  • Webull – Stock Trading App with 0 fees
  • Sofi – A Finance company with a wide range of features including cryptocurrency, stock trading, and good interest savings account
  • E-Trade – Stock Trading and Investing Platform (many companies use E-Trade for their ESPP or Employee Stock Purchase Plan)
  • Rakuten/Ebates – Cashback Shopping App
  • Yahoo Finance – Good Place for a beginner to research stocks ( Do not follow their buy/sell recomendations)

If you are reading this, I hope I can help you get started with your own finance journey!

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