Gyoza At Home Edition

Gyoza is a Japanese pan fried pot sticker or dumpling that is extremely popular. Back when I went to Japan, I had the most delicious pork gyoza ever at Harajuku Gyzoa Lou. Harajuku Gyzoa Lou is an extremely popular spot in Shibuya, Tokyo with wait times of over 30 minutes for mouth watering gyoza. With international travel all but halted, here are a couple of tips for making awesome gyoza.

Gyoza from Harajuku Gyzoa Lou in Tokyo

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1)Add Oil to the Pan before adding Fresh/Frozen Gyoza

Giving your gyoza a lite sear before adding water makes a huge difference. Not only does it prevent the gyoza from sticking to the pan, it helps increase the crisp at the bottom each gyoza.

2) Finishing Touches with a Sesame or Chili Oil Sear

Searing with sesame oil or chili oil greatly enhances the aroma and flavor of the gyoza. Sesame oil has a very strong aroma while chili oil adds a spicy punch to each bite. Searing with other flavored oils can also infuse your gyoza with unique flavors.

3) Serve the Gyoza with the Crisp Side Up

Serving gyoza crisp side up is extremely common in Japanese dining. This keeps the gyoza crispy and crunchy.

4) Use a Good Dipping Sauce

A good dipping sauce can intensify the umami flavors of gyoza. You can try to use store bought ponzu, but I would stay away from items labeled “dumpling dipping sauce” or “potsticker sauce”. These are usually overpowered with vinegar. If you want, you can also try to make your own dipping sauce using the following: Soy Sauce, Japanese Rice Wine Vinegar or White Vinegar, Chili or Sesame Oil(Optional)

My Sauce Recipe:

  • 1 part soy sauce
  • 1 part vinegar
  • a dash of red chili flakes or chili oil for some spice
  • for some kick, you can also add a hint of yuzu or citrus juice

Homemade Gyoza

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