Tiger Sugar Comparison: Milk Tea vs Ice Cream Bar

Originally from Taiwan, Tiger Sugar has slowly a global hit due to its brown sugar milk tea. Last year in Hong Kong, I was able to try Tiger Sugar’s famous brown sugar milk tea. I loved the drink and went back several more times during my two week trip. Although brown sugar milk tea ice cream bars have been gaining popularity, I haven’t been able to try Tiger Sugar’s version until recently. The ice cream bar was delicious and reminded me of their awesome milk tea. Here is a comparison.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Tiger Sugar’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Of all the brown sugar milk teas I’ve had, Tiger Sugar definitely comes out on top. Most specialty drinks that include brown sugar have a fixed sugar amount and Tiger Sugar was no different. Brown Sugar drinks tend to be sweeter and sometimes the sugar can overpower the milk tea flavor. At Tiger Sugar, the sweetness acts as a compliment to the milk tea flavors. The tea aroma and flavors are still the star of the drink. It cost about $3-$4 for a drink at Tiger Sugar. As an avid milk tea fan and having been to Hong Kong plenty of times, Tiger Sugar has become one of my favorites.

Tips: Be sure to check out Tiger Sugar in Causeway Bay Hong Kong. You can grab a drink and stroll through the luxury malls nearby.

Tiger Sugar Ice Cream Bar

Tiger Sugar Ice Cream Bars can be found at Asian supermarket in the Bay Area, San Francisco. As they grown in popularity, more and more Asian grocers will probably carry them. The ice cream bars are a bit on the expensive as a box of 4 can run you upwards of $8. The ice cream bar is essentially a creamy milk tea popsicle that taste’s like Tiger Sugar’s signature drink. The ice cream bar contains brown sugar milk tea and even pieces of boba. The ice cream bar is creamy and still on the sweeter side.

My Take

While both the milk tea and the ice cream bar are on the sweeter side, the milk tea highlights the tea flavors while the ice cream bar is creamy and is borderline overly frozen ice cream. Both contain boba, but I thoroughly enjoy both treats. While I would rather drink the milk tea during the day, I would definitely opt for an ice cream bar after dinner or while streaming some Netflix. Overall, both products were a sugary treat and one of my favorites.

Tip: Please consume in moderation. The ice cream bar only has 200 plus calories, but the brown sugar milk tea can have upwards of 400 calories.

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