Maguro Brothers: A Hole in the Wall Sashimi & Poke

Maguro Brothers is a diamond in the rough poke and sushi spot in Oahu, Hawaii. This spot is located just a few shops away from my aunt’s produce store in Honolulu’s chinatown. Maguro Brother’s serves delicious sashimi and poke making it one of the many gems in Oahu. Jen and I visited this spot a couple of times on our trip to Oahu in the Summer of 2019.

Tuna Poke Bowl Photo by Jen

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Maguro Brothers is located in Chinatown Honolulu and parking can be a bit challenging to find. I ended up parking in a lot for about 6 dollars an hour, but overall parking is a hassle in Chinatown. The spot is a bit hard to find and is in the back of the indoor Kekaulike Market.

Tip: My aunt has a fresh fruit market in Kekaulike Market where you get fresh dragonfruit, mangosteen, lychee, and other tropical fruits.

Food and Ordering

Picture by Onolicious Hawaii

For a small hole in the wall spot, Maguro Bros has an extensive menu with an interesting choices of fish. For our visit, Jen and I had the Maguro(Tuna Sashimi) over rice and the chirashi(assorted sashimi over rice) with a side of Uni(Sea Urchin). While Maguro Brothers has delicious poke, its the Chirashi Bowls that takes it to another level.

The fish was extremely delicious and a sashimi lover, I could taste a high level of umami in the fish. Umami in sashimi actually occurs when the fish is dry aged to reduce moisture and increase flavor. Jen suggested that we add the Uni to our chirashi bowl and it was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the savory flavor of the sashimi and the perfect balance between fish and rice.

Tuna Sashimi Bowl at Maguro Brothers – Photo by Jen

Side Note: The chef is from Japan, and he told me several cool stories on how he got into sushi and his background. The chef was extremely friendly and gave me some recommendations as well.

My Take

Maguro Brothers was an excellent find by Jen and I thoroughly enjoyed their chirashi and poke bowls. While they do serve top notch poke, the chirashi bowls is what sets them apart. I will definitely be returning once it is safe to travel again. I look forward to going back to Hawaii for more food adventures.

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