What to do During Covid-19?

While my traveling and food tasting plans have been put on hold, here is a list of several cool things I hope to do during the current Pandemic while also practicing social distancing.

1) Figure Out a New Method for Points Earning

Manufactured Spending has been drying up over the last several years, but there are still plenty of ways to earn plenty of points. I am a strong proponent of retail arbitrage and this would a great opportunity to brainstorm new products to flip. Maybe I can dive into the realm of electronics.

Note: It is against my policy to flip essential goods such as toilet paper or baby formula.

2) Improve My Coding Skills

This blog was built using a preset template but most of the customization was done using CSS and HTML. As someone with a data science and analytics background, web development is not my strong suit. With the extra free time, I would like improve the site and expand my web development toolbox.

3) Plan out Future Trips and Estimate their Cost in Points

Thinking about making a luxury trip in the next year or so? With Hyatt pushing peak/off-peak pricing until 2021, this a great opportunity to identify properties you would like to visit next year and estimate their cost in points. This would help you get a better sense of your progress and meeting your goals. I would like to visit the Maldives for my graduation gift and my younger brother’s graduation gift as well. With Hilton’s generous extension of free night award expiration dates, I potentially have 3-4 certificates that can be used Summer 2021. While I don’t plan on traveling in 2020, 2021 looks to be a wonderful year if the Covid-19 situation gets resolved.

4) Detox and Decompress

Sometimes, having nothing to do is a blessing in disguise. The last couple of years have been mentally and physically draining. With the extra free time, I hope to sleep well and focus on my recovery. I also hope to spend time with my parents.

What do you guys plan on doing?

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