Ichika Sushi House – A Hidden Sushi Gem

Looking for a neat sushi place near San Francisco and Cow Palace? Well look no further, Ichika Sushi House is a neat gem in an area that lacks popular food options. This spot is located in a small plaza that was bustling making parking a bit of a challenge. Ichika does have a Yelp waitlist, but the staff will need to check you in and verify your party before you spot in line is confirmed.

The Omakase at Ichika

Food and Menu

Ichika has a nice menu with plenty of unique and neat options. Since Jen and I eat sushi on a regular basis, we decided to order our typical dishes to taste test. We went with an Omakase(Chefs Choice Nigiri) and a Chirashi(Assorted Sashimi over sushi rice). In addition, we ordered fish tacos and A5 Wagyu yakitori as appetizers.

Fish Tacos

The fish tacos were fried seaweed chips topped with salmon sashimi and salsa and Japanese mayo. The fish tacos were full of flavored and delivered a hit of umami with each bite. The A5 Wagyu yakitory(meat of skewers) was pure delicious. A5 is one of the highest quality beef in Japan. The beef was grilled to perfection and the meat was full of the natural buttery flavors that accompany Wagyu.

The omakase was exceptional and beautifully presented. Although the place was bustling with people, the waitress took the time to explain the various types of fish served in the omakase. The omakase included Maguro(Tuna), Toro(Fatty Tuna), Sake(Salmon), Hotatekai(Scallop), and Tai(Snapper). Each piece of nigiri was beautifully presented and had a nice finishing touch to enhance its flavors.

The chirashi bowl was a standard chirashi bowl, containing white tune, maguro, and sake along with several pieces of tamago(egg) over a bed of sushi rice. The ingredients were fresh yet contained an umami flavor that only develops after aging the fish for a short amount of time.


The food was a tad bit pricey by my sushi standards, but I really enjoyed my meal. The staff at Ichika Sushi House brought a nice warm vibe and the food was extremely delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed each part of my meal and the staff even gave us miso soup and edamame on the house. This was a very nice find by my awesome girl friend Jen for this amazing find. I will definitely be coming back to this spot sometime in the near future.

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