Tigar Sugar: Taiwanese Milk Tea

Tiger Sugar is an up and coming popular Milk Tea chain from Taiwan that has expanded to New York and Hong Kong. The spot focuses on Milk Tea, with a special brown sugar milk tea drink that comes with a neat presentation.


Tiger Sugar can be found in several different districts in Hong Kong. For this experience, I stopped by their Causeway Bay shop located just a short distance away for the MTR station. The MTR is Hong Kong’s mass transit train system, connecting Hong Kong with the “New Territories”. Tiger Sugar is a small milk tea bar, so finding the place amongst the bustling Hong Kong crowd could be quiet challenging.

The Drink

I had the Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Tapioca. This is the classic drink that the cashier recommended. While you are unable to customize the sweetness of the Brown Sugar Drinks, all the other drinks on the menu are fully customization. The tea flavor of the drink was strong and unlike many other boba spots, the strong tea aroma was evident in every sip. The milk used in the milk tea was delicious as Hong Kong imports a good amount of dairy from Australia. Although I’m a huge milk tea fan, Tiger Sugar’s drink was on the sweeter side and maybe a tad to sweet for me to normal drink. The drink did live up to the hype and deliver a refreshed take on milk tea. If you are in Hong Kong, be sure to check out Tiger Sugar and the surrounding malls around Causeway Bay and Central.

The Brown Sugar Milk Tea

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