Amani Sushi: A Delicious yet affordable Omakase

Amami Sushi is small group with 3 spots located near the airport in San Francisco. Amami has become pretty popular and offers a 38 dollar Omakase set. An Omakase is “Chef’s Choice” sushi with more flair than normal nigiri. Each chef that serves an Omakase will put his or her own special touch to create or redefine sushi.


Amami has the typical sushi items avaliable ranging from the standard rolls like Spicy Tuna and California, to deluxe rolls such as Tiger and 49er. Sprinkled among the roll selection are a couple of Amami creations, but overall the menu is pretty standard. Specailty items are posted around the restaurant, and that is where you will find the Omakase listed. For $38, the Omakase consist of ten pieces of mainly Salmon and Tuna Nigiri.

The Food

Amami’s Omakase

Let’s get straight to the point. For $38, the Omakase was amazing and no matter how many time I’ve eaten at Amami, I can never have enough. Although the omakase lacks a wide range of ingredients, it mainly contains salmon and tuna, it makes up for it with a wide range of flavors with each bite full of umami. Each unique piece of sushi in the Omakese contained a different taste creating a unique flavor map. In addition to the Omakase, we also ordered a Chirashi( Sashimi over sushi rice). The Chirashi contained the standarded Sashimi selections of Maguro(Tuna), Sake(Salmon), and Hamachi(yellowtail). The portion was nicely sized and was very filling. The fish was once again very delicious and had the hint of freshness, yet full of umami. Overall, both orders were nicely sized and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth.

Overall: 9.5/10

Overall, I have always enjoyed eating at Amami. Although the lines can be pretty long the prices are fairly good for the quality of food. Amami is a bit on the mid to small side, but luckily they do take reservations. The staff can sometimes be overwhelmed but overall service is great. Overall this place does a wonderful job.

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