Premium Transcon: United 787 Dreamliner SFO – EWR

Centurion Lounge:

On my way to Milwaukee with my brother we visited the Centurion Lounge available to American Express card holders. The lounge was located a fair distance from our gate, but was still in the same terminal. After entering the lounge, the area is divided into three general areas. The kitchen side has a variety of food options that rotate from time to time and seating like a modern cafe. On that day, they had a spinach tomato egg scramble, chicken sausages, french toast, oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. I had the egg scramble and chicken sausages. The chicken sausages were pretty good and not full of grease as other kinds of sausages. On the other hand, the eggs were sort of a let down. I had a few scoops of the eggs but only had one tiny piece of tomato and a few scraps of spinach, and the eggs were becoming firm as a result of overcooking. The next section of the lounge is the lobby and coffee area. It is a good place to get coffee and other drinks such as orange juice with pulp from a tap. The last room is an area made for relaxing, consisting of a bunch of cushioned seating and small tables. The food I would give a 6/10 mainly because of the quality of eggs they put out and the lack of freshness in the appearance of the food. The organization and layout would be an 8/10 because it has great wifi and comfortable seating. 

Total: 7/10

United 787 Polaris First Class Flight:

The United Airlines Boeing 787 first class flight was phenomenal. As a person flying first class, I was part of the first boarding group, which gave me time to take in the details of the plane. Upon arrival to the seat, we were greeted by a flight attendant offering a choice of water or orange juice. On regular economy flights, you would probably have to wait almost an hour after boarding your plane before you would even be asked if you wanted something to drink. The seat was amazing and very comfortable. There was a little counter top space where you could put your drink or other items. The airline also provided headphones which were nothing special.

Once the flight was in the air the flight attendants came around with hot towels to clean our hands, and provided us with a menu afterwards. The meal options were strawberry stuffed pancakes, cereal, and a savory cheese quiche with chicken sausages and potatoes. I opted to get the quiche and it was an interesting meal. The sausages were great and the quiche was fluffy, but not cheesy enough to be called a cheese quiche. The potatoes were not that great because they lacked in flavor and were not hot enough. The side dishes included yogurt with granola, a cinnamon roll, and fresh fruit. After finishing my meal and the tray was cleared, I reclined my seat into the bed position. Laying flat on a plane with a pillow and a nice blanket was something I would love to get used to. It is so much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep when you are laying down.

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