Farmhouse Kitchen: Thai Food that Packs a Powerful Punch


Farmhouse Thai Kitchen is an amazing Thai spot located in the Mission area of San Francisco. The Mission, as native San Franciscans call it, is home to a variety of hit food places. From Bi-Rite ice cream, to bomb tacos, the food culture in the Mission is one of a kind. Located just several blocks away from the famous Dolores Park, Farmhouse Kitchen is a medium size restaurant surrounded by residential buildings. Farmhouse Kitchen is usually busy during dinner time so I made a reservation through their official website. I was in luck as reservation space was sporadic, but I was able to snag a 6PM reservation. Parking can be excruciatingly painful as dinner time approaches, but on this night I had little trouble with parking.

Ordering and Interior

Farmhouse Kitchen has a well designed interior that heavily emphasizes Thai culture. From the background music, to the decorations, the interior gives a wonderful SouthEast Asia vibe. The restaurant menu is easy to read, but contains a variety of Thai food with an upscale twist. From Pad Thai with Grilled River Prawns to Wagyu Flank Steak, there is a wide range options including vegetarian options.

The Food

Ahh yes, the most important part. Jen and I went to celebrate her birthday and we ended up ordering the Neum Num Tok Rolls(Wagyu Cucumber rolls), 24-hour Beef Noodle Soup, and a Panang Neua(braised shortrib in Panang Curry Sauce). The Wagyu Cucumber rolls was a combination of the rich flavor of the Wagyu with the freshness of cucumber and finished off with a citrus vinaigrette. It was absolutely delicious and my favorite dish. It is a must order item. The 24-hour beef noodle soup was flavor packed and the large short rib that came with the soup was extremely tender. The meat slid of the bone cleanly. The broth had small hints of sweetness, but was full of rich beef flavor. Finally, the Panang Neua was a tad spicier than expected and a little saltier that expected. The short rib was also perfectly cooked and seperated from the bone with ease. When eaten alone, the meat and Panang Curry was on the saltier side, but with rice the dish was perfect. The curry was a bit spicy but full of spice. The dishes found at Farmhouse Kitchen do a great job at maximizing spices.

Calvin’s Final Thoughts

While this was our second time at the restaurant, I enjoyed the food more than my first visit. Not knowing what we wanted, our first visited consisted of us eating typical Thai street food like Pad Thai and Green Curry. This time, Jen and I decided to try new dishes and be adventurous. While Farmhouse Kitchen is a bit pricey($$), the food is delicious and the price is on par with other restaurants found in San Francisco. An average meal for two would probably be around 60-70 dollars. I would definitely recommend trying this place if you have the chance.

Final Score


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