[MUST TRY] Burma Superstar: Modern Twist on Burmese Cuisine

Up until last week, I have never truly had Burmese Cuisine. While Burma Superstar is more of a Burmese fusion spot, it’s the closest thing to Burmese food that I’ve eaten. Having been featured on food network, the restaurant is extremely popular and has a nicely designed modern interior. The food was delicious and satisfied my palate in many different ways.


The Beautiful Sunset right outside of Burma Superstar

Burma Superstar is located in the inner part of San Francisco on the busy street of Clement. It is roughly a couple miles from San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate park. Parking in the area is fairly limited. While there is plenty of street parking, the area is always bustling with people so finding parking can be a struggle around the dinner hours.

The Food

Burma Superstar has a well refined menu will plenty of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. Since this was our first time here, the waiter patiently walked us through the menu while making several recommendations. The restaurant has a special “Tea Leaf” Salad that has been featured on Food Network and other popular places. The waiter also recommended the Burmese Curry. We decided to orders a Tea Leaf Salad, Sesame Tofu, and Burmese Beef Curry along with two servings of coconut rice. The portion size was good and the food arrived quickly.


We started with a Tea Leaf Salad that was very fragrant. The salad consisted of mixed greens, chopped tomato, and a healthy does of nuts including peanuts and sunflower seeds. The salad was then topped with a tea leaf dressing and fried garlic. The salad was arrived unmixed as the server squeezed fresh lemon juice over the lush looking veggies before giving the salad a a good toss. The citrus of the lemon juice serves as a wonderful compliment to the earthy salad. Our sesame tofu was a mixture of sweet and citrus sauces tossed with a generous serving of fried tofu. Jen thought that this dish reminded her of orange chicken. The dish was tasty but paled in comparison to our Burmese Beef curry. Burmese curry is lighter than your traditional South East Asian curry but still packs a full punch. The curry sauce was a mixture of savory saltiness and fragrant herbs. The beef in the curry was extremely tender and each bite was phenomenal. The curry and tofu dishes were complimented by coconut rice with was a bit on the softer side but was fragrant and had just a small hint of sweet coconut flavor. The rice was light in flavor to preserve the punch of the main dish.

Final Verdict

Overall the food was wonderful, full of flavor, and perfectly cooked. For anyone stopping looking to try some amazing Burmese food, this would be a nice place to start. While the food is a bit on the pricier side due to the restaurant setting,

Final Score

Our Tea Leaf Salad

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