Well That’s Odd? New Delta Lounges Priority Entry

a passenger plane flying in the sky

Delta Airlines operated lounges have been the subject of overcrowding in recent years. Similar to issues faced by American Express Centurion Lounges, wait times for Delta Lounges have become chaotic. To better enhance the experience, Delta will begin rolling out priority or expedited entry lines. Here is the full recap. Photo by Jeffry Surianto on … Continue reading Well That’s Odd? New Delta Lounges Priority Entry

Quick Thoughts: Airport Lounges!

Airport lounges are supposed to offer a safe haven to travelers away from the hustle and bustle of airport traffic. Lounges vary greatly with some offering only light refreshments to high end lounges such as the United Polaris Club offering sit down dining. I definitely do think lounges are an ever improving part of the … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Airport Lounges!