Amani Sushi: A Delicious yet affordable Omakase

Amami Sushi is small group with 3 spots located near the airport in San Francisco. Amami has become pretty popular and offers a 38 dollar Omakase set. An Omakase is "Chef's Choice" sushi with more flair than normal nigiri. Each chef that serves an Omakase will put his or her own special touch to create … Continue reading Amani Sushi: A Delicious yet affordable Omakase

Kaisen Don

Chirashi Re-imagined Kaisen Don is small sushi place offering a refreshing new take on Chirashi. For those of you who've never had a chirashi, it is a rice bowl filled with sushi toppings and sashimi. Filled with fresh ingredients and sashimi filled with umami, Chirashi Bowls are perfect for any ocassion. Jen's Chirsashi Bowl Jen … Continue reading Kaisen Don