Dynamic Duo: 3 Insanely Great Travel Credit Card Combos!

Credit cards are an integral part of the miles and points game. Lucrative credit card bonuses can easily help you book an amazing award trip. Here are my favorite two card combos to get started with earning points and booking fantastic trips. For the rules of this post, each combination can only have one "premium … Continue reading Dynamic Duo: 3 Insanely Great Travel Credit Card Combos!

[Update]Rakuten: Now Offering 15% Cashback Promo

5/3/2020 Rakuten is now offering 15% cashback on plenty of stores. As always make sure to read their exclusions list for each store and to check if you are able to stack up savings by purchasing discounted gift cards. Some of the stores include Coach, Finishline, and Adidas. Get the list here. 4/23/2020 Rakuten is … Continue reading [Update]Rakuten: Now Offering 15% Cashback Promo

EBATES/Rakuten: Great for Amex

For those who are frequent online shoppers, Ebates now known as Rakuten provides users with cashback for qualifying purchases. Recently Rakuten and American Express partnered up to allow users to earn Amex points rather than cashback at the same rates. The even better news, is that Rakuten occasionally rolls out special deals allowing members to … Continue reading EBATES/Rakuten: Great for Amex