Sugary Delight: Review of Teaspoon

Teaspoon is a small shop with several locations specializing in sweet drinks and shaved ice. They serve a variety of milk teas and fruit smoothies. Jen and I were craving some sugar after an afternoon workout so we decided to make a trip to Teaspoon. While I’ve been here once or twice before, this was Jen’s first visit.

Lady Bug on the Left. Mango Funtime on the Right


The location we visited is located in San Mateo, CA. The location is close to my work and about 10 minutes from San Francisco International Airport. On a normal weekend, San Mateo would be bustling with traffic, but due to Covid-19, the area was relatively quite.


Due to Covid-19, Teaspoon was not accpeting orders in store. Rather, there was a QR code in front of the store where you could order on their website which was powered by Square. Square powers Teaspoon’s payments system, so taking online orders should not have an impact on transaction fees. There were several menus posted on their window, but the online menu also featured pictures for every item available. Jen opted to go for the “Lady Bug” drink and I went with the “Mango Funtime”. We both got our drinks with regular sweetness, but there was an option for less sugar.

The Drinks

The Mango Funtime was a full blast of mango with real mango chunks mixed in. I also added boba as a topping. The drink was delicious, offering a hint of freshness with a full on assault of fruity sweetness satisfying my sweet tooth. Jen’s drink, the Lady Bug was a bit more interesting, featuring green tea, passion fruit, and kumquat juice. It was a cool refreshing drink reminding you of enjoying the beaches of a tropical paradise. Jen opted for her drink without boba. Both our drinks were extremely satisfying and a wonderful treat after a grueling morning workout. During Covid-19, we haven’t been able to go on many food adventures, so this was very refreshing.


Teaspoon serves amazing drinks and shaved ice(SNOWS) with various flavors ranging from traditional milk teas to tropical fusions. Their drinks and deserts are a little on the pricier side, but is pretty standard compared to other drinks shops in the Bay Area, CA. If you’re looking for delicious sugary treat to cool off, be sure to give Teaspoon a visit.

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