Earning Bonus Points at Home: 3 Great Take Out Options

While, now is not the time to travel, there are still plenty of opportunities to earn and collect miles and points for future use. I would stick to earning transferable currencies such as Chase Points, Amex Points, or Citi Points for the time being. One great option for earn points is to order food to go. Not only are you earning bonus points, you will also be supporting local businesses as well. Here are several great options to order as takeout and a few credit cards that offer bonuses for dinning.

Great Options for Earning Points On Takeout:

Chase Sapphire Preferred/reserve: 2pts/$ & 3pts/$

American Express Gold Card: 4pts/ $

Citi Prestige Card: 5pts/$

Runner Up: Any cards that earns 1.5-2x on everyday purchases

Great Take Out Options:


Burgers are a classic take out option, but why stop at a Golden Arch when you can get a mouthwatering burger from Shake Shack or In N Out? In N Out offers easy ordering and pickup with their drive through option and Shake Shack allows you to order ahead of time. Both serve some of the best “fast food” burgers. Other delicious burger options will vary where you live.

My Favorite Burger Places in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Image From In-n-Out’s Website


Another easy take out item, sushi is a bit pricey but still extremely delicious. During the pandemic, there are still many Japanese joints open where you can order rolls, nigiri, or gunkan sushi, Overall, you can’t go wrong with sushi after a long day working from home. Plus no reheating is required.

My Favorit Sushi Places in the Bay Area:

Photo by Jennifer Lee


Sandwiches are an amazing lunch option and are both quick and flexible. They be eaten almost anywhere. I personally enjoy a delicious sandwich and they can be easily found. Be sure to top off with some veggies to maintain a balanced diet and maybe stay light on the mayo.

My Favorite Sandwich Shops in San Francisco Bay Area:

Photo By Jennifer Lee


I really enjoy food and during this trying period, I will continue to support my local restaurants and eateries when I can. I know there are many more great take out options so I look forward to hearing from you guys. If you have any recommendations, feel free to use the comment section as I am always looking to try a new spot. Let’s be safe and healthy, but also continue to support our local businesses.

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