Yummy Szechuan: Spicy Food Anyone?

Who doesn’t like spicy food? Szechuan cuisine originates from Sichuan Province in China. This Southwestern province is home to Chengdu and famous for their Panda sanctuaries. Szechuan food is typically spicing and incorporates a variety of peppers including the famous Szechuan Peppercorn which produces a tangy feeling on your tongue. This effect is known as the Ma-La as is a unique element of Szechaun cuisine.

Location and Wait

Yummy Szechuan is located on the busy street of El Camino Real in Millbrae, California. The spot is extremely close to the airport and would be perfect for those looking to get one last culinary adventure before leaving the city. Parking should be readily available in the area although you will find the most amount of parking space on the intersecting streets. Yummy Szechuan has a yelp waiting list, but luckily a table for two was open when I arrived. On busy days, including my past dining experiences, wait times could be roughly 15-20 minutes.

The Food

I love spicy food. I have always enjoyed eating spicy food and Yummy Szechuan did not dissapoint. Jen and I had a large bowl of Dan Dan Noodles and a smaller bowl of dumplings covered in spicy sauce. To top things off, we also had an order of classic Xiao Long Bao( Chinese Soup Dumplings). The Dan Dan Noodles was a classic dish with a nice, incorporating Szechuan peppers to bring heat to the nutty sauce. The noodles were cooked firm(which I prefer) and was topped with pork, some steamed veggies, and fresh shredded cucumber. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dan Dan Noodles. In addition, we also had a side order of about 10 dumplings drenched in a spicy sauce. Like the Dan Dan Noodles, the dumping sauce had the ma and la spiciness that is unique to Szechuan cuisine. The dumplings were extremely delicious and rich, containing bits of pork broth.

Final Thoughts

10/10 Would go Again

While this isn’t my first time eating at Yummy Szechuan, I forgot how delicious the food was. My first visit was post gym and I was extremely hungry. I gobbled up my meal quickly, but this time around I was able to enjoy the unique flavors and spiciness of Szechuan cuisine. From the nut sauce of the Dan Dan noodles, to the smallest hints of vinegar in the spicy sauce, I could taste the distinct elements of Szechuan food that it make one my favorite types of Chinese Cuisine. I will definitely be returning to this spot often.

Thanks Jen for finding this place!

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